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Action Delegates

One weekend after two years of working with the Zend Framework I threw together a basic application by perfecting one LIST/CRUD controller and then performing your standard copy/paste grepWin replace to create 4 others from it. I may have sensed a better way before that day, but on that day it was obvious that a better way existed. That "better" way in my opinion is the...

Delegation Pattern

Introducing the "LC_Controller_Action_Delegator"

Introducing the "LC_Controller_Action_Delegate"

So How Does It Work?

Create an action delegate
Create a controller to serve as the delegator

So What Does It All Mean?

The idea is to provide a shareable delegate for specific types of common functionalities. This will allow developers time to focus on the problem of improving the quality of a specific type of functionality as opposed to spending time replicating code.

I invite you to send me feedback on any real world applications, questions, or comments. And as always peer review is encouraged. ~mrBurly.

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