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List Scaffold

If I've done it once I've done it a thousand times. Load the records, list the records, sort the records, filter the records... it's your basic CRUD CMS right? The ruby guys decided along time ago that doing that type of programming was boring, so they established some conventions and whala ActiveScaffold. In my non biased opinion (wink/nod) configuration is more important than convention, which is why I like the Zend Framework. However for consistency sake you have to establish some conventions even if it's only for the current project.

Some conventions that can help are creating a consistent list view of records. In Zend Framework that requires two peices.

  1. A view helper (LC_View_Helper_listScaffoldControl)
  2. A view partial in which the list is rendered (listScaffold.phtml)

The ListScaffoldControl View Helper

A typical list.phtml view script

A basic listScaffoldControl.phtml Partial

I use this with a concrete ListDetail action delegate so it's not a complete CRUD scaffold, but rather it's the list portion of the scaffold idea. If you want a good form portion of the scaffold idea checkout Code Utopia's Form Model, which can be incorporated with a "CreateUpdate" action delegate

It's not quite the holy grail, but it's definitely a happy median between convention and configuration.

As all ways peer review is welcome. ~mrBurly

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