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Hi my name is Lance Caraccioli. In an effort to be more proactive in the software development community (especially Zend Framework) I've put together this site. It's nothing much, but I've purposefully left it simple. My intent is to provide concrete examples and code snippets that make sense, without overwhelming my audience with words (when possible). I'm always open to positive criticism and welcome suggestions. You can also download my resume if you'd like.

I've laid out my site in an atypical blog format, however that's basically what it is. I've decided to build this site on top of the Zend Framework 1 and Doctrine 1, but intend on future updates as both projects are moving along into newer point released versions. Each section in the main navigation is a loose group of topics. Under "Me" you will get conceptual blog posts, with very little PHP. The "Sandbox" is mostly experimental client side programming. "Hackery" contains solutions to problems, which required short time constraints. Under "Problems and Solutions" I've provided more robust ideas, coupled with robust code samples that typically implement some design pattern, or solve a major problem that I've run across in the course of a typical work week. Please feel free to explore. Enjoy.

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